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Health Care Rates

Below are 2024 premium rates for the Oxy Retiree medical plans and dental plan.

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Medicare Advantage PPO and Retiree Medical Plan Rates

Each year Oxy will set a base contribution rate for the Oxy Retiree Medical Plan and the Oxy Medicare Advantage PPO Plan. The 2024 monthly base rates are as follows:

  • Oxy Medicare Advantage PPO (Medicare-eligible): $75
  • Oxy Retiree Medical (Non-Medicare-eligible): $226

Your cost for retiree medical coverage will be one to four times the base contribution rate. It is determined based on the following:

  • Your age plus your years of service at the time of your retirement.
  • Medicare eligibility status for you and each enrolled dependent.
  • Your elected level of coverage.

You pay the monthly premium for each individual enrolled. Note: If you select Retiree + Family coverage, your premium will be at most 3 times the base rate, regardless of the number of children you enroll.

Use the table below to determine the individual premium for retiree medical coverage (e.g., retiree, spouse, eligible child). Calculate the premium for each covered member, then add the premiums for your total monthly contribution. Once your retirement is processed, you'll receive details about your Retiree Medical costs.

  Oxy Medicare Advantage PPO

(Medicare eligible)

Oxy Retiree Medical

(non-Medicare eligible)

Age plus years of service on your Oxy retirement date

Your monthly contribution is a multiple of the retiree base rate for each individual enrolled

65 – 69 2 x $75 4 x $226
70 – 74
2 x $75 3 x $226
75 – 79 2 x $75 2 x $226
80+ 1 x $75 1 x $226

You can call OxyLink at 800-699-6903 for your monthly contribution rate or if you have questions.

Aetna Retiree Dental PPO Plan Rates

            2024 Retiree Dental          


Monthly Rate

Retiree Only $50
Retiree + One $100
Family $150