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Retiree Health Care Plan Rates

2023 Retiree Medical Plan

The Oxy Retiree Medical Program is comprised of two separate retiree medical plans. Each year Oxy will set the base contribution rate per person for each plan.

2023 Retiree Base Rate

Plan 2023 Retiree Base Rate

Oxy Retiree Medical Plan


Oxy Medicare Advantage PPO Plan


Your cost for retiree medical coverage will be one to four times the retiree base rate depending on:

  • Your combined age and service at the time of your retirement.
  • Medicare eligibility status for you and each enrolled dependent.
  • Your elected level of coverage (Retiree only, Retiree +1, Family).

Refer to the table below for details. Once your retirement is processed, you'll receive details about your Retiree Medical costs. Note: If you are considering retirement in the near future, contact the OxyLink Employee Service Center to verify your eligibility and combined years of age and service.

If your combined years of age and service on your Oxy retirement date is: Your monthly contribution will be the following multiple
of the retiree base rate for the level of coverage you elect:
  Medicare-Eligible Non-Medicare-Eligible

65 to 69

2 times

4 times

70 to 74

2 times

3 times

75 to 79

2 times

2 times

80 or more

1 times

1 times


2023 Western New York Retiree Medical Plan

  Monthly Retiree Medical Contributions
Coverage Level BCBS of Western NY Pre-65

Retiree Only


Retiree + One





2023 Retiree Dental Plan

  Monthly Retiree Dental Contributions
Coverage Level Aetna Retiree Dental PPO

Retiree Only


Retiree + One