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Retiree Plans​


Oxy provides retiree medical and dental benefits to eligible retirees and their dependents.

Who's Eligible

  • Generally, you are eligible for retiree medical and dental benefits if you:
    • Are age 55 or older and
    • Have 10 or more years of Oxy service.
  •  If you enroll, you may enroll your eligible dependents

Other eligibility requirements apply. Refer to the Retiree Medical and Retiree Dental summary plan descriptions for details.

Retiree Options

Your medical option is based on your retirement date and location. If you retired after December 31, 2015, you may enroll in the Aetna Retiree Medical Plan only.  Western NY Medical Options (HMOs) are only available if you retired before December 31, 2015 and live in the service area.​

  • Aetna Medical Option​ 
  • Western NY Medical Option​s
  • Dental

Available Nationwide
Retiree medical benefits are provided through Aetna. This plan offers significant cost savings when you use providers in Aetna's Choice POS II Network.​ Prescription drug coverage is provided through Express Scripts. 

The Aetna Retiree Medical Plan integrates with Medicare to provide the same level of benefits for Medicare-eligible participants as it does for participants who are not Medicare-eligible. That means:

  • The Aetna plan calculates the amount you would have received under the plan if you were not eligible for Medicare, subtracts the amount payable by Medicare and reimburses the difference.
  • Even if you do not enroll in Medicare Parts A and B, Aetna plan benefits will be reduced by what Medicare would have paid. To ensure maximum benefit coverage, you should enroll in both Medicare Parts A and B.
  • When you are covered by Medicare, Medicare is considered primary and pays first on all covered services. The Aetna plan pays second. You can simplify the claims process by enrolling in the Medicare Direct Program. Call Aetna at 800-334-0299 and provide your Medicare number.

See Aetna Retiree Medical Plan for details. 

Retiree Plan Rates


Oxy sets a base contribution rate for retiree medical coverage. Your cost will be one to four times the retiree base contribution, depending on your combined age and service at the time of your retirement and your Medicare eligibility status.

If your combined age plus service
on your Oxy retirement date is:
             Your contribution will be:


Non-Medicare-Eligible Medicare-Eligible

65 to 69

4 times retiree base rate

2 times retiree base rate

70 to 74

3 times retiree base rate

2 times retiree base rate

75 to 79

2 times retiree base rate

2 times retiree base rate

80 and above

1 times retiree base rate

1 times retiree base rate


You pay the full cost of Oxy Retiree Dental Coverage.

See 2017 Retiree Health Care Plan Rates

Retiree Plan Billing

Billing for the Retiree Medical and Dental plans is administered by PayFlex. Once you've enrolled in your retiree coverages, you can set up payment reminders and electronic fund transfer for premium payments on the PayFlex website. Contact PayFlex Retiree Billing at 888-678-7835 for more information about the billing process.