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CHECK YOUR 2021 VACATION BALANCE - As the end of the year approaches, please ensure that your year-to-date 2021 vac...
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 Information for Current Employees

Information on your Oxy benefits, OxyHealth, Human Resources programs and Oxy policies can be found on OxyNet by going to My HR. To view the HR Mega Menu once on the My HR home page, you can either hover over or click on the My HR tab located on the top menu bar. The Mega Menu will display the full contents of the My HR site.

Use your Network ID and password to log on from outside the Oxy network.

 Information for Retirees

​Information on Oxy's retiree benefit programs can be found by clicking here.

 Information for Former Employees

​Information on Oxy benefits available for non-retiree eligible participants can be found by clicking here.

 Information for New Hires

Information on Oxy benefits for new hires can be found on the New to Oxy section of My HR.