• Logon to OxyLink at oxylink.oxy.com and enter your UserID and Password


  • Select My System Profileat the bottom of the Enterprise Menu


  • Select Change or Set up Forgotten Password Help under the Password heading.  This option lets you enter a hint that will provide you with a reminder if you forget your password in the future and need to use the Forgot Your Password option.  After you complete this step, click OK, then


  • Select Edit Email Addresses under the Email heading and enter your email address (active employees should retain or enter their Oxy business email address) click OK, then


  • Click Save



  • By providing a hint and your email address, a new password can be emailed to you in the event you forget your password in the future by selecting the Forgot My Password option under the Enterprise menu


  • If you forget your password, access the OxyLink web site and select the Forgot My Password option from the Enterprise menu, enter your User ID and click Continue to answer your challenge question.  Please note: although you will be able to view the email address to which the new password will be sent, you will not be permitted to change it when using this option


  • After you receive your new password by email, you may then logon to the OxyLink web site and change it to a new password of your choice…and be sure your new password contains a combination of at least 8 case-sensitive alpha, numeric or special character digits


Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please Click Here to contact OxyLink by email (please provide your full name and User ID).  You may also call to speak with an OxyLink representative at 800-699-6903 (or 918-610-1990 from outside the U.S. or Canada) during normal business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 A.M.to 5:00 P.M.Central Time (except holidays).